Business Sectors

Hemp Cultivation

The most foundational part of our business is cultivating the seeds. We follow strict quality standard to source the best genetics, adhere to advanced agricultural engineering practices, and have hands-on support from our experienced team to make sure we reap the highest and best results!

Biomass Processing

Our industrial complex houses a fiber processing facility for the textiles industry. We plan to produce hemp clothing and materials to enter the textile and fashion industry! Hemp fiber are strong which makes them very viables for commercial and industrial applications.

Seed Operations

Hempseed oil is the future of cooking oil. The taste, quality and nutrition it provides makes a comparison rather an insult to the potential of this magical seed. The flour will provide the best assimilated protein for humans, rich in omega fatty acids!


DreamLeaf offers natural, plant based skincare made with the blessing of hemp oil and infused with the miraculous compound of CBD to fight aging and induce cellular regeneration! 


We partnered with state of the art labs, innovators and industry pioneers to bring you the latest in hemp technology applications! Please come back soon for more!

Hemp Store

If you need quality seeds, biomass, hemp textiles, hempseed oil, hemp oil, CBD isolate, or anything you can think of from hemp, our network of industry leaders definitely have the answers you seek!