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Hemp is arguably the oldest plant on Earth, gifted to mankind so that they may create, innovate and coexist with nature in the most perfect balance and harmony. You can produce fuel in almost all its varieties, plastic, paper, fibers, oils, foods, medicines and more. I mean you can build cars, homes, roads, cities with the plant and We are intending on building a Conscious, Green world with Hemp!

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Green Industries

DreamLeaf is working around the clock to save Humanity and Earth. While we are naturalizing consumer products, we are working on the production of building materials, plastics, papers, fibers, foods, and medicines from our Hemp farms. We plant hemp ourselves to make sure  mankind and Earth may have another golden age of co-existence and co-creation, inspired by our ancient ancestors.

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CBD Liquids

Had a long day? Struggling with pain? Can not get some sleep? Burning the night’s oil? Want some chill time? We are working day and night to offer you the best in CBD fortified liquids. Our product lines simply provide you with what you need to get you through the day.

Do not forget to try our nicotine free vapes and indulge in the exquisite flavors we have for you!

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Skin Care & Beauty

We all want healthy skin and shiny hair. DreamLeaf Beauty™ and GreenDerm™ product lines bring you anti-gaining, petro-free, plant-based, and CBD fortified skincare and personal care products. Try our exfoliant, serum, shampoo or lotions with confidence because nothing beats nature!

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Agro Products

Our global presence provides you with agro-products such as hemp fibers and composites for biodegradable plastics and materials, grains, oils, sugar and more. Our suppliers, process and prices are simply unmatched. When it comes to natural resources and trading, we are your reach beyond the borders! Let us manage the risks and quality for you!

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Tea, Herbs & Spices

Want some all natural tea to supplement your mood and body? We got you covered. How about some spices or herbs for your cuisine? We really want to see you well! We source the best produce and habitats to get you natural botanicals at the fullest of their potential.

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